Month: May 2021

Silicone or Wooden Utensils: Which Are Better?

Silicone vs. wooden utensils

A good set of utensils will make preparing and cooking food easier and more efficient.

And while boiling eggs for yourself for breakfast isn’t very hard to do, feeding a large family or a crowd (think kids’ friends or guests over) can be challenging, especially if you don’t have the right tools at hand.

As home cooks, we often invest a lot of time and money to buy the best chef’s knives and frying pans for our budgets, yet we forget about another, equally important category of tools—our utensils.

The Best Spatulas (Metal, Silicone, Wooden)

Photo of wooden utensilsAntonMatyukha /Depositphotos

Most of us spend so much time and money equipping our home kitchens with the best cookware pieces, like a shiny try-ply stainless steel frying pan or a bright-colored enameled Dutch oven.

Yet, when we get to cooking with them, we end up using cheap, impractical, and uncomfortable spatulas. The good news is that a trusty spatula, the unrecognized workhorse in your daily cooking, isn’t hard to find.