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Do You Eat the Burger or Fries First?

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Burger fans, which do you eat first? The burger or the fries? Check out this article to see what each side says.

Burger fans, here’s a good one for you: Do you eat the burger or the fries first?

If you search the Internet for an answer, you’ll find a heated debate taking the burger community by storm. And as you’d expect from a this-or-that question, each side thinks it knows better than the other.

So, which side are you on? Are you a burger-first or fries-first kind of person? If you’re still undecided, here’s what each side says.

Why Eat the Burger First

Some people prefer to eat the burger first because that’s why they’re at the burger joint to begin with. The fries, they argue, are just a side — a menu item that’s there as an upsell, and not necessarily the main thing.

And when you think of how many fast food restaurants don’t make their fries deliciously crispy, you get why people aren’t excited about them. It’s almost as if they’re there to make you full and stop you from eating a second burger!

Of course, not every restaurant’s fries are basic. Arby’s curly fries, a favorite of many, were rated best French fries of 2022 by the Thrillist. McDonald’s fries are consistently great no matter where in the world you have them, and Checkers and Rally’s, Five Guys, and Popeye’s get plenty of clout on Reddit.

Which brings us to why you may want to eat the fries first.

Why Eat the Fries First

Some say eating the fries first is best, and they argue for two reasons:

First, fries taste best when they’re hot. Even if you like to eat your burger first, you have to admit this is true. Are you reluctant to? Then try to think of one time when the fries were better cold. It’s okay, I’ll wait.

The second argument has less to do with the burger or fries and more with the people at the table. Eating your fries first, it goes, guarantees that they won’t get eaten up by others by the time you get to them.

Are there times when you’re willing to share? Sure. If it’s your better half or your kids stealing, you probably won’t mind. But if your greedy friends are eating away at your fries, one fry at a time? Now, that’s a different story.

Which Side Are You On?

Do you eat the burger or fries first?

It’s a question that’s been debated ever since the burger-and-fries combo became a thing, and there are valid arguments for both sides.

Some people eat their burger first because… well, it’s the main thing. Others don’t get to the burger until they’ve finished their fries because they taste better when they’re still hot, and the rest of the people on the table won’t steal them.

And let’s not forget you can also eat them at the same time.


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