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Can You Roast Two Chickens at Once?

Step up your poultry game and learn how to roast two chickens at the same time. It’s easier than you think, and you get twice the goodness!

Can you cook two chickens at the same time in the oven?

Well, it’s a good thing you asked (and that you stopped by here). Because I’m here to tell you not only that you can roast two chickens at once, but that that’s how you should be doing it every time you crank up the oven.

Yup, you read that correctly. Welcome to the world of poultry-based multi-tasking, people. Where seeing double is a good thing, because it means double the deliciousness!

Why Roast Two Chickens at Once?

I know, I know.

You’re thinking, “Dim, why would I even want to roast two chickens at the same time? That’s madness!” And to that I say, you may be right.

But hear me out.

Maybe you’re cooking for a large family. Or maybe you’re hosting a dinner party — and you want to impress your guests with a beautiful, golden-brown bird on each end of the table. Hey, you might as well be meal prepping for the week, and you want to knock out two birds with one stone… literally.

Listen up, whatever brought you here, and I’d love to know in the comments section below, I have good news for you, and good news only: Yes, you can roast two chickens at the same time. And the best part is that it doesn’t take much longer than roasting just one. You get twice the protein and twice the satisfaction. Why wouldn’t you do it?

How to Roast Two Chickens at the Same Time

Roasting two birds at once may seem daunting, but with the right technique, you’ll be a poultry-roasting pro in no time. So don’t be afraid to take on the challenge, and let’s get those birds in the oven!

Here’s how it goes:

Simply take your go-to roast chicken recipe, double the birds and add twice the amount of veggies and liquid under the birds and in the roasting pan. Then, just turn the heat down a smidge and roast the birds a little longer than you would if you were only cooking one.

There’s no need for two pans. And you don’t have to cook the birds on separate racks. I know it may seem like a tall order, but trust me when I tell you it’s really that easy… you just have to know one thing.

See, the trick to roasting two birds at the same time is all about space. Make sure to give each bird plenty of room to breathe; the more the better. This allows the hot air to circulate and cook each bird quickly and evenly. And that’s the secret to a perfectly roasted pair of birds, every time.

You read it right, folks. It’s almost all about giving those birds some breathing room. You want to keep them as far apart as possible when you’re roasting them and avoid the kiss of death for those roast chickens. The closer they are, the longer they’ll take to cook and the more uneven they’ll come out, especially on the side that was close to the other bird.

To make this multi-chicken roast a success, you’ll need to be smart about your choice of birds. If your oven isn’t very spacious, it’s better to opt for two smaller chickens instead of two larger ones, which would that ensure there’s plenty of room between them.

Do your due diligence, choose your birds wisely, and let’s get those birds in the oven!

The Bottom Line

Absolutely yes, you can roast two chickens at the same time. Just turn the heat slightly down, make sure the birds have plenty of breathing room and are not too close to each other, and roast them for a little bit longer than you normally would.

And then, when the roasting is done and the food’s on the table, you, the family, and the guests can enjoy twice the fruits of your labor. A sweet deal if you ask me!


Dim is a food writer, cookbook author, and the editor of Home Cook World. His first book, Cooking Methods & Techniques, was published in 2022. He is a certified food handler with Level 1 and Level 2 Certificates in Food Hygiene and Safety for Catering, and a trained chef with a Level 3 Professional Chef Diploma.

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