11 Sides That Go Deliciously Well With Salmon

Salmon fillets

Whether you want a hearty and healthy dinner, seafood your house party guests will fall in love with, or simply some protein to eat tonight and snack on leftovers tomorrow, salmon makes for the perfect meal for pretty much any occasion.

Rich in protein and packed with omega-3 fatty acids, salmon is not only ridiculously good for you, it’s also amazingly delicious. To make it even better, we’re going to share our best ideas for sides that taste great with salmon; no matter if you like yours fried, seared, baked, poached, sous vide, or smoked.

From blanched and sautéed greens to roasted vegetables and bagels, here’s the 11 best sides that go deliciously well with salmon.

The Best Food & Drinks to Serve at a Fish Fry

Fish fry

For some of you, Friday nights are all about gathering up with friends and family around the smell of golden fried fish, lemon, and tartar sauce. Popular in the Midwest, North, and Southeast, the fish fry comes from an end-of-week tradition of Roman Catholics in the US.

No wonder the fish fry came to be in the Midwest. It’s a region of North America that’s full of great lakes. Fishermen quickly learned that bluegill, perch, and walleye made for a fantastic meal to feed their families and share with their neighbours.

The fish fry quickly spread across the country and turned into a national tradition for Americans who live near water and like to share their freshest catch at dinner parties in their backyards. If you’re one of them, this blog post is for you.

I’m going to share my best ideas for what to serve at a summer fish fry party. Continue reading if I’ve got you curious.