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The Best Oils for Cast Iron Cooking

Best oils for cast iron cooking

You stopped by to read this, so I’m going to make two bets. First, you own a cast iron skillet, grill pan, or Dutch oven. Second, you want to learn about the best oils for cooking with it.

Too few TV chefs, cookbook authors, and food bloggers talk about the importance of selecting cooking oils. This often baffles me, as the wrong choice of oil can affect how your food tastes and make it unhealthy.

How to Choose Olive Oil for Cooking

How to Choose Olive Oil for Cooking

You took your time in the grocery store and bought the perfect ripe and juicy tomatoes for a Caprese salad. You carefully looked at each pack of mozzarella on the cheese aisle until you found just the right one. You picked the freshest basil they had — and went back home to cook dinner.

You followed all the instructions, seasoned with sea salt, and poured olive oil to give your Caprese salad that Mediterranean taste and smell.

The oil turned out to be flavorless.

Years ago, this kept happening to me every time I’d cook food where olive oil was an essential ingredient. Until I got tired of not knowing how to buy olive oil and started researching online.

In this blog post, I’m going to share my most useful tips and tricks for choosing olive oil (and my top picks that you can buy in pretty much any grocery store).

Is Basso Extra Virgin Olive Oil Good? (Review)

Basso Extra Virgin Olive Oil (1l)

Olive oil is my all-time favorite cooking oil. It’s aromatic, flavorful, and good for you. What more could you want from a cooking oil, really?

Yet good olive oil can be surprisingly hard to find. Especially if you don’t know how to choose olive oil for your home cooking. This is why, every now and then, I’ll be trying and reviewing different olive oils here on my blog.

In this post, I’m going to review Basso’s Classic Extra Virgin Olive Oil. If that’s what you came here for, then keep on reading.