Why Do Beets Taste Like Dirt?

BeetsNick Collins (via

Everyone knows that beets are loaded with nutrients. They’re low in calories and fat, and contain small amounts of almost all the vitamins and minerals you need on a daily basis.

As with many other things that are really good for you, beets come with a character. No matter how you clean and cook them, they always end up smelling and tasting like dirt.

Why is that so?

Are Tomatoes With Black Spots Safe to Eat?

Cherry tomatoes

I was slicing cherry tomatoes for a salad yesterday until I came across a couple of tomatoes with black spots on their skin. The first question that popped in my mind was, “Are these even safe to eat?” 

So I put my knife down, opened my laptop, and started researching on the Internet. Let’s just say it turned out that I wasn’t the only one asking.

Here’s what I found.

Can You Eat Canned Tomatoes After the Expiration Date?

Canned tomatoes

Canned tomatoes are a pantry staple. Delicious and versatile, you can cook up any meal with canned tomatoes. From cold gazpacho soup in summer to hearty ragú sauce for a pasta meal on a cold winter night, canned tomatoes are a favorite in our household.

Here’s the thing about canned tomatoes. Sometimes, you like them so much, that you stock up really well whenever your favorite brand is on sale at the grocery store (mine is De Cecco). You stock up so well, in fact, that you have more cans than you could possibly cook before the expiry date.

If that’s what happened to you, you’re searching online and wondering…

Can you eat canned tomatoes after the expiration date?

Is Stinging Nettle Edible?

Stinging nettle

Cooking with herbs is a great way to make tasty and healthy food at home. As with any group of ingredients, some herbs are more popular than others. And if there’s one herb that too many home cooks often forget or simply don’t know about, that’s stinging nettle.

This post is all about stinging nettle. You’ll see why and how stinging nettle is edible. I’m going to share some of the best recipes for cooking with it that I’ve come across on the Internet. As well as a couple of tips for making the best use of it to make really tasty dishes.

So keep on reading if I’ve got you curious.

Do Vegetables Lose Nutrients When Cooked In Soup?

Do Vegetables Lose Nutrients When Cooked In Soup?Daria Shevtsova (via Pexels)

Vegetables are a source of vitamins, minerals, and dietary fibers that help you stay strong and healthy. From the moment vegetables are harvested on the farm to when they’re cooked on your stove top, their nutritional value gets altered in one way or another before ending up on your dinner plate.

Of all cooking methods for vegetables, boiling is one of the ones that tends to lose the most nutrients. This is why making soup has mixed effects on the nutritional value of vegetables.

How to Cook Beans Without Soaking Them Overnight


Conventional wisdom tells you two things about cooking dried beans. First, that you must soak the beans overnight. Second, that you can only add salt at the end of the cooking process. The people who give you this advice say that this is the only way to not have your beans come out hard and inedible.

But is this really the case? I’ve been cooking beans without soaking them overnight for years — and so have some of the most trustworthy cooking authors I follow online. The beans not only come out nice and soft, but aromatic and tasty.

Through research and experimentation, I’ve come to the two best methods for cooking dried beans, along with a pretty good rule of thumb for how much water to use and how long to cook popular bean varieties.

So let’s get to it. How can you cook dried beans without soaking them overnight?

Does Tomato Paste in a Tube Go Bad?

Tomato pureeShutterstock

One of the great things about home cooking is that — even if you make breakfast, lunch, and dinner every day — you still get to learn something new. This happened to me today as I was researching the best ways to use and store tomato paste.

As regular readers of my blog know, one thing that I consistently do here is lookup and answer your top questions about cooking. One of this questions is, “Does tomato paste in tubes go bad?”

An opened can of tomato paste will go bad in 5 days when stored the fridge. A tube of tomato paste, on the other hand, will last for 7-8 weeks (as long as you’ve screwed the cap on tightly).

Tomato paste can also be frozen, in a pretty smart way, so that you can store it for as much as 6 months in the freezer — and use up just the right amount whenever you need it for a recipe.

Continue reading to find out how.

Can Kumquats Be Eaten Raw?

Can Kumquats Be Eaten Raw?Eva Elijas (via Pexels)

I used to be one of those people in the grocery store who’d see kumquats in the fruit section, wonder at them for a couple of seconds, then go about their day. Until one day, when my curiosity prevailed and a bought a pack.

Now that I had 2 pounds of kumquat, I had to find out what to do with them. All I knew was that they were part of the citrus family and looked like small oranges.

The first thing that came to mind was, how I can eat kumquats? Here’s what I found.

Why Are Capers So Salty?

Why are capers so salty?

You’ve seen them in Italian, Greek, Spanish, and Mediterranean restaurants. They go in salads, pasta dishes, seafood, and poultry. With their distinct salty and tangy taste, capers are a great ingredient for your day to day cooking.

If you’ve ever wondered why capers are so salty, where they come from in the first place, and what recipes they’re best for, this post is going to satisfy your culinary curiosity.