What are the best pasta brands? How to cook pasta al dente? Find out the answers and check out my authentic and delicious Italian pasta recipes!

Do You Cook Pasta on High Heat?


Do you need to cook pasta on high heat?

It’s a question a friend of mine, who recently got into cooking, asked. And, truth be told, I hadn’t given it that much thought.

Since she’s probably not the only one asking, I thought to do my usual research into the science of cooking pasta—and write this post.

So, for all of you out there who may be wondering whether or not to set the heat on your stove to high when cooking pasta, here’s everything you need to know (and nothing you don’t).

Pasta in Brodo (Recipe)

Pasta in brodo

One of the many reasons for my long-standing obsession with Italian cuisine is its ability to take a few simple ingredients and turn them into some of the most appetizing and aromatic food you’ve ever had.

Nowhere is this more evident than in the recipes from Italy’s Emilia-Romagna region, known for its fertile lands, medieval towns, culinary tradition, and dramatic seaside. Today, I’m going to give you a taste of it with my Pasta in Brodo recipe.

The Best Cheese to Add to Pasta

Penne pasta with hard Italian cheese

Cheese, grated finely on top, mixed into the sauce, or used as a filling, can take your home-cooked pasta to chef-level. Knowing which cheese to buy at the grocery store and how to cook it with your pasta can make or break a good recipe.

In this post, I’ll tell you all about the six best (and most traditional) cheeses for adding to your pasta dishes. I’ll also give you my best techniques for adding cheese to pasta, so that you can excel at every recipe.

How Much Penne Pasta Is One Serving?

How much penne pasta is one serving?

My wife and I joined a group of friends at their beach house for the weekend. As usual, I volunteered to cook the food, which, just as usual, everyone else was secretly hoping for (all you have to do is ask, guys).

I wanted to make my signature penne tomato pasta. So I went to the grocery store and stocked up on penne rigate, a couple of cans of whole peeled tomatoes, a piece of parmesan cheese, a bulb or two of garlic, and some sea salt.

Cooking for a crowd is always a challenge—especially if you’re used to measuring ingredients for a couple of persons. To add to it, there wasn’t a kitchen scale at the summer house and penne pasta tends to get bigger when cooked.

How much of it was I supposed to cook?

How to Cook Penne Pasta With Tomato Sauce (Recipe)

Penne pasta with tomatoes and hard Italian cheese

This recipe is inspired by the penne tomato pasta that my wife and I had in a shoreside restaurant at Lake Como in Italy’s Lombardi region a few years ago.

Lake Como is a beautiful resort an hour’s train ride from the world’s fashion capital Milan. It’s known for its dramatic scenery of Italy’s third-largest lake set against the foothills of the Alps.

If you have a chance to visit it one day, I highly recommend that you do. Other than the lakeside restaurants, you can also go hiking, boating, or learn to fly an old Cessna seaplane with Aeroclub Como, also known as the oldest seaplane flight organization in the world.