Can You Use Cif to Clean an Induction Cooktop?

Photo of a container of Cif Cleaner

The typical induction cooktop (or “hobs,” as some of you know them) has a surface made of glass-ceramic.

True to its name, glass-ceramic is a material with a chemical composition that’s similar to glass, but with ceramic’s opaqueness, resistance to heat, and the ability to withstand thermal shocks.

It can also be notoriously difficult to clean if you like to keep your cooktop spotless. And who doesn’t?

How to Clean Your Induction Cooktop Naturally

How to Clean Your Induction Cooktop Naturally

It’s been half a year since I started cooking with induction. So far, it’s been working out great. Enough so that I continue to stick to the opinion that, despite their higher price, induction cooktops are generally worth it.

The cooktop heats my pans and pots quickly and evenly (for those of you coming here for the first time and who may be wondering, I cook mostly with tri-ply stainless steel and every now and then with cast iron).

Since my induction cooktop’s surface stays cool and my cookware heats from the inside out (I’ll tell you exactly how this works later on in this post), cleanup has been mostly effortless.

What Do Chefs Think About Induction Cooking?

How to Clean White Stains Off Your Induction Cooktop

Until the mid-last century, gas or electric stovetops were pretty much the only way to equip a kitchen, in a restaurant or your home. Until induction cooktops showed up and started raising eyebrows.

The thing that gets many people fascinated by induction cooktops is that they don’t require an electric burner or gas flame. They stay cool and transfer energy directly to your cookware, heating it contactlessly.

But what do chefs think about them?

How to Clean White Stains Off Your Induction Cooktop

How to Clean White Stains Off Your Induction Cooktop

If you are like me, then your induction cooktop is as much a part of your home’s decor as it is an appliance in your kitchen. Yet the unfortunate fact is that, no matter how careful you are with the surface, it will sooner or later get dirty.

At least this has been my experience owning an induction cooktop for four-five months by the time I wrote this post. For the majority of that time, I managed to keep it spotless. Until today, when I came across a few surprisingly stubborn white spots.