How Many Liquid Quarts in a Fluid Ounce, Milliliter, or Liter?

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How Many Liquid Quarts in a Fluid Ounce, Milliliter, or Liter? /Shutterstock

The first, last, and only measurement conversion chart you will need to measure out liquids in your kitchen.

To say that converting between units of measurement can be daunting is an understatement. And yet it’s one of those things in cooking that you just have to learn. To help you do it when measuring liquids, we did the math and created a chart for you, so you won’t have to.

Use the table below to switch between liquid quarts (qt), fluid ounces (fl oz), milliliters (ml), and liters (l):

Liquid QuartsFluid OuncesMillilitersLiters
Conversion table between qt, fl oz, ml, and l

If you’re the type of person who prefers words to tables, you will find the conversions below:

  • ¼ liquid quart equals 8 fluid ounces, 237 milliliters, and about 0.2 liters
  • ⅓ liquid quart equals 10.5 fluid ounces, 312 milliliters, and about 0.3 liters
  • ½ liquid quart equals 16 fluid ounces, 473 milliliters, and about 0.5 liters
  • ⅔ liquid quart equals 21 fluid ounces, 625 milliliters, and about 0.6 liters
  • ¾ liquid quart equals 24 fluid ounces, 710 milliliters, and about 0.7 liters
  • 1 liquid quart equals 32 fluid ounces, 946 milliliters, and about 0.9 liters

Do you want to know how we got to these numbers?

It was simple, really. Here’s how you can get to these numbers too: Start with the fact that 1 quart of liquid is equal to 32 fluid ounces. So, to get the volume units in fluid ounces, multiply the value for one quart of fluid by the number 32.

1 fluid ounce is equal to 29.574 milliliters. Thus, to find the volume units in millimeters, multiply the fluid ounces by the number 29.574. Since 1 liter has 1,000 millimeters, divide the millimeter value by 1,000 to get the liter value—you’re pretty much done.

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