Make Mediterranean Tomato and Feta Salad

Mediterranean tomato salad

It’s no wonder people from Mediterranean countries live longer. Just look at the food they eat! When your food is that natural, aromatic, colorful, and tasty, your body is going to reward you in the long term for eating it. The classic Mediterranean menu comes in multiple courses. Usually, that’s salad, sides, main course, and desert.

Salads play an important role in Mediterranean cuisine. The nations living close to the Mediterranean sea — like Spaniards, Italians, and Greeks — grow a variety of vegetables and fruits. They’re also known for the highest quality olive oil and vinegar in the world.

Is Watery Yogurt Bad for You?


You bought yogurt from the grocery store, opened the container, and surprise, surprise… there’s this watery substance floating on top. You have no idea what it where and where it came from, but it’s already making you ask, “Is this yogurt really safe for me to eat?”

Fear not; watery yogurt is not that unusual. Here’s why it’s completely safe for you to eat — and why that watery substance got there in the first place.

Are Baking Sheets Dishwasher Safe?

Cookie sheets

If you use the oven a lot at home, you need at least a couple of baking sheets in your cookware collection. Whether you like to bake bread or roast veggies, a good baking sheet will help you — with its four raised edges designed to keep oil and juices inside — cook food evenly while keeping your oven clean.

Keeping you oven clean comes at a cost. Very often, baking sheets will get stained or, no matter how well you think you greased them, food will stick to the surface and burn.

And though it’s tempting to put a baking sheet in the dishwasher and forget about it for 2-3 hours until it’s completely clean, I’d argue against that.

Can You Substitute Plain Yogurt for Mayo?


One thing I really like about cooking at home is that your food can taste as good as in any restaurant — and you can prepare it in a way that’s much healthier. Mayonnaise is a classic example. It’s great for dressing coleslaw and making crab cakes. It’s also an ingredient that’s packed with plenty of unsaturated fat and that comes with a lot of calories you most probably want to avoid.

What’s a good substitute to mayo? Obviously, you need something to dress salads and act as a binding agent on recipes that require it. After plenty of experiments on a variety of cooking techniques and recipes, I’ve come to the conclusion that plain Greek yogurt is the best alternative to mayo for most recipes.

Should You Season Meat Before or After Cooking?

Steak and fries

There are two camps when it comes to seasoning meat: one says that you should always do it before cooking, the other that it’s best done after. Camp one says that you get steaks and chops that smell and taste better as a result. Camp two claims that adding salt to your meat makes it dry as draws out the moisture. Which one is right?

As many things in home cooking, the best cooking methods and recipes are the ones that you and your family like the most. And when it comes to meat, me and my wife always prefer meat that’s seasoned before cooking. Here’s why.

This Is How to Tell When Pasta Is Cooked


The first time my wife and I went on a trip to Italy, it changed our lives. Italians know how to savor every moment in life. From dressing up and going to the opera in a Roman amphitheatre to taking it slowly and enjoying Pasta al Pomodoro with a bottle of red Valpolicella wine on a Sunday afternoon, we were as much in awe with the locals’ lifestyles as with the amazing places and restaurants that we visited.

And don’t get me started on the pasta… Pasta is some of the most popular dishes from Italian cuisine that many home cooks, with Italian roots or not, like to make for themselves and their families. It’s also one of the hardest to get right.

One of the top questions that home cooks ask is, “How can I tell when pasta is ready?” I’ve watched hours of videos from Italian chefs and spent weeks in a row in my home kitchen learning how to cook pasta until perfection.

In this post, I’m going to share my two cents for cooking the perfect pasta. Keep on reading to learn how to get pasta right every single time.

Is All Pasta the Same?

Italian Fresh Pasta

When I was in college, I moved into an old house with a couple of friends. One of my friends wasn’t really into cooking and ate pasta 99% of the time. He’d go to the grocery store on Sunday and stock up on whichever noodles and store-bought tomato sauce were on sale. We’d always have a great time together and thought very much alike on many topics. But there was one thing we could never agree on…

You see, to my college housemate all pasta was the same. The noodles were simply made in different shapes and sizes. In a way, he was right. He cooked pasta in a way that made spaghetti, rigatoni, and tagliatelle taste absolutely the same every night.

Is Pecorino Romano Cheese the Same as Parmesan?

Parmesan vs. Pecorino

There are countless reasons to love Italian food! Without doubt, one of them is the great variety and amazing taste of Italian cheeses. Just take a look at igourmet’s cheese encyclopedia and you’ll see that there’s more than 33 kids of cheese from all regions of Italy. From Cacio di Fossa, or goat cheese buried underground during aging to blue-veined cow’s milk Gorgonzola, Italian cuisine offers a cheese variety for every taste.

Unless you’re a cheese connoisseur who lives in Italy, getting access to all of them can be highly difficult and outright expensive. For people like you and me who live elsewhere in Europe or across the Atlantic in the U.S. and Canada, the variety is limited to the cheeses we can find in the grocery store.

Two Italian cheeses you’ll find in any store and no matter what country you live in are parmesan and Pecorino. And one question that home cooks often ask on Google is, what is the difference between them?

Continue reading this blog post to find out.