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How to Clean Your Induction Cooktop Naturally

It’s been half a year since I started cooking with induction. So far, it’s been working out great. Enough so that I continue to stick to the opinion that, despite their higher price, induction cooktops are generally worth it. The cooktop heats my pans and pots quickly and evenly (for those of you coming here for…

This Pasta in Brodo Recipe Is the Perfect Warmer

One of the many reasons for my long-standing obsession with Italian cuisine is its ability to take a few simple ingredients and turn them into some of the most appetizing and aromatic food you’ve ever had. Nowhere is this more evident than in the recipes from Italy’s Emilia-Romagna region, known for its fertile lands, medieval…

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Can You Cook With Expired Beer?

The other weekend, my wife and I were with a couple of friends in their summer house by the sea. I was thinking of making beer-battered fish when I saw that we had drank all the beer the night before. It was already getting late and the nearest gas station was a 45 minutes’ drive…

Can Blue Cheese Crumbles Be Frozen?

Every so often, a recipe will call for blue cheese crumbles. If you haven’t come across one yet, try adding crumbled blue cheese to your salad, burger, pizza, or pasta the next time you make one. Its salty taste and pungent smell pair exceptionally well with sweeter ingredients like onions, pears, and dried fruit.

Is Detroit-Style Pizza Sicilian?

Yes, Detroit-style pizza is a rendition of Sicilian pizza, which comes from a snack called sfincione that Italian grandmothers make on New Year’s Eve.

The Best Substitutes for 00 Flour

As I was planning to make pizza yesterday, I remembered I was out of 00 flour. It’s an Italian flour I use for practically all of my pizza dough, so I found myself in a difficult situation. On the one hand, I was craving a good pizza. On the other, I knew I was missing…

Can You Cook Pasta in Beef Broth?

Yes, you can boil pasta noodles in beef broth (or any other broth for that matter). But it makes less of a difference than most cooks think.

Why Your Pasta Water Is White

As you cook pasta noodles in boiling water, some of the starches in the pasta get released and dissolve in the water. Here’s why this matters.

How to Sauté Garlic in Olive Oil (Illustrated Guide)

I know from email exchanges and comments on other articles that many of you get intimidated by sautéing. After all, the name is French, and it sounds like sautéing is something pretty darn complicated to do. The irony is that it’s one of the most straightforward cooking techniques out there. Sautéing means pan-frying food quickly,…

Does Salt Kill the Yeast in Dough?

Salt can kill living yeast in a high enough concentration. Here’s the science, the facts, and how to get it right ever time you bake at home.

How to Clean White Spots on a Stainless Steel Pan or Pot

My wife and I recently rented a new apartment and decided to treat ourselves by renewing some of our cookware. As regular readers know, I’m pretty specific about the model and make of frying pans and chef’s knives that I use. Less so when it comes to pans and pots. So we ordered new porcelain…

Does Pasta Float When Cooked? (Know When Pasta Is Done)

Pasta is one of the greatest foods on earth and a true staple in many households. It’s tasty, filling, and pairs exceptionally well with different Italian and Italian-American sauces like tomato, cream, or pesto sauce. The thing about pasta is that, even though most pasta dishes have only a few ingredients and require a simple…