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What Can I Substitute For All-Purpose Flour?

What can I substitute for all purpose flour

If you are anything like us, then cooking and baking can be very therapeutic for you. You can try out new recipes, make delicious meals and snacks, and enjoy having friends and family over for dinner.

But, there’s nothing worse than spending hours preparing an exquisite dinner to find that you are out of one vital ingredient, that you really cannot go without. 

What Is A Good Substitute For Lemon Juice?

What Is A Good Substitute For Lemon Juice

Lime is one of the best substitutes for lemon juice. It’s a citrus fruit and has a very similar taste and acidity level to lemon.

If you’re looking for a preserving substitute for lemon juice, then lime juice once again is a suitable option because of its similar pH level. Other alternatives, like vinegar, are not as acidic and won’t preserve tinned or canned for as long.

The Best Oils for Cast Iron Cooking

The Best Oils for Cast Iron Cooking

You stopped by to read this, so I’m going to make two bets. First, you own a cast iron skillet, grill pan, or Dutch oven. Second, you want to learn about the best oils for cooking with it.

Too few TV chefs, cookbook authors, and food bloggers talk about the importance of selecting cooking oils. This often baffles me, as the wrong choice of oil can affect how your food tastes and make it unhealthy.

Maldon Sea Salt Flakes (Review)

Maldon Sea Salt Flakes (Review)

The salt you and I eat today tastes nothing like what our great grandfathers and grandmothers ate. Back then, salt was harvested naturally and consumed pure—free from additives and without excess processing.

Much of the artisan traditions of salt-making have been replaced by mass-production techniques that yield subpar salt at a fat profit margin through cheap labor and corner-cutting. And many of the companies that once prided themselves in making the best salt have disappeared into history.

Happily, a few of these companies still stand. In this post, I’m going to tell you about one of them called Maldon, which makes sea salt flakes so tender, they taste like the sea and melt in your mouth like snow.

Ponti Balsamic Vinegar of Modena (Review)

Ponti Balsamic Vinegar of Modena (Review)

Balsamic vinegar is a dark-colored, velvety-textured, and complex-flavored vinegar made from grape must, the freshly crushed grape juice with all the skins, seeds, and stems.

Thanks to its agrodolce (sweet and sour) taste, it’s one of the best vinegar varieties for dressing salads, brightening up grilled or sautéed vegetables, as well as marinating or glazing meat, poultry, and seafood.

Originating from Italy, balsamic vinegar is traditionally made only in the cities of Modena, population 184,727 (2017), and Reggio Emilia, 171,491 (2017), in the northern Emilia-Romagna region.