All the Basic Cookware You Need

All the Basic Cookware You Need

Though pans and pots tend to come in all shapes and forms (and can be made from various materials), you want the ones you buy to be capable of withstanding the direct heat from a gas flame or electric burner without warping.

At the store, pick out vessels with thick walls and a heavy bottom. This guarantees quick and even heating and is also a sign for a higher-quality build and sturdier construction than their lighter counterparts.

Can Stainless Steel Frying Pans Warp?

Can Stainless Steel Frying Pans Warp?

Have you ever brought your trusty frying pan from the back of your kitchen cabinet only to find it warped? I’ve had this happen to me, too, and I know just how frustrating it can be.

Not only do you lose a piece of cookware that you know so well, you can use it with your eyes closed, but you also have to select and buy a replacement frying pan (and the good ones don’t come cheap).

Warping is most typical for non-stick pans, which, to cut costs and boost their profit margins, manufacturers tend to produce from lower-grade metals. But stainless steel frying pans are in no way immune to it.

In this article, I will tell you about the most common reasons why stainless steel pans warp. I’ll also share helpful tips on what you can do to prevent that from happening.

Can You Put Butter in Cast Iron?

Can You Put Butter in Cast Iron?

Cast iron cookware is cheap, heats up incredibly well, and, thanks to the fact that it’s cast from a single piece of molten iron, can be used virtually anywhere—even on the outside grill or over a campfire.

It can also be tricky to use for first-time owners or seasoned cooks who don’t know all the quirks of cookware made of this metal. Especially if you’re cooking with a more delicate fat, like butter.

What Can I Substitute For All-Purpose Flour?

What can I substitute for all purpose flour

If you are anything like us, then cooking and baking can be very therapeutic for you. You can try out new recipes, make delicious meals and snacks, and enjoy having friends and family over for dinner.

But, there’s nothing worse than spending hours preparing an exquisite dinner to find that you are out of one vital ingredient, that you really cannot go without. 

What Is A Good Substitute For Lemon Juice?

What Is A Good Substitute For Lemon Juice

Lime is one of the best substitutes for lemon juice. It’s a citrus fruit and has a very similar taste and acidity level to lemon.

If you’re looking for a preserving substitute for lemon juice, then lime juice once again is a suitable option because of its similar pH level. Other alternatives, like vinegar, are not as acidic and won’t preserve tinned or canned for as long.

Is It Better To Thicken Soup With Flour Or Cornstarch?

Is It Better To Thicken Soup With Corn flour Or Starch

There are two schools of culinary thought when it comes to the best way to thicken soup, and both of them have equal merit (based on who you ask).

But the closer you look at cornstarch and flour—and the way in which they’re used as thickening agents for soup—the more obvious it becomes that one is actually better than the other. The idea that they’re both the same, is unfortunately, an old wives tale. 

Whether you choose flour or cornstarch to use as a thickening agent, it’s really important to know how to make use of them.