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Home Cook World is a food blog for folks who like to cook and eat at home.

We share down to earth, practical, and honest advice for home cooks, with a focus on cooking tips, how-to’s, recipes, and equipment.

Started in 2020 by Jim the Home Cook, Home Cook World is read by tens of thousands of visitors from the US, Canada, Australia, and Europe every month.

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Jim the Home Cook

Jim the Home Cook (Jim Stonos)

Jim Stonos, known as Jim the Home Cook, is a food blogger, self-taught cook, and the creator of Home Cook World.

Frustrated with the lack of real advice on the practicalities of daily cooking, Jim decided to start this blog in the year 2020.

Here, he shares his best cooking tips, how-to’s, recipes, and cookware picks for folks who like to cook and eat at home.

Jim has been cited and linked to by Smithsonian Magazine, The Kitchin, Mashed, and a number of fellow bloggers.

Contact Jim at jim@homecookworld.com.

Editorial Team

They say that no great feat is done alone, and Home Cook World is no exception to the rule. Jim works with a team of contributing authors who help him answer your cooking questions ’round the clock.