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Can You Make Stale Chips Crispy Again?

Got stale chips? Make them crispy again with these methods—or transform them with a few dishes that are sure to become your new fave.

Trust us when we tell you that we’ve all been there: Holding a bag of chips that’s just a little too stale, debating as to whether they belong to the garbage can or not. While it might seem like there is no fixing the staleness, we’re there to tell you that it is possible, and to show you how.

On top of that, we have some delicious dishes that are perfect for stale chips, saving the day and bringing them back to life. If this sounds like what you came here to find out, read on.

Two Ways to Save Stale Chips

Eventually, an opened bag of chips gets stale because they soak up moisture, the enemy of crispiness. Knowing that, there are two key and proven ways to breathe life back into stale chips.

The key is taking out some of the added moisture, cooking them up a bit more to remove it, and bringing back that crunch. To give your chips that irresistible crunchiness again, here is what you should do.

Use Your Day One: The Microwave

Is there a situation where the microwave cannot excel? It is there when you’re low on time, working to quickly heat up leftovers or give you a fresh, hot meal after a long day. To give chips their crunch back, the first thing you should do is place them in a microwave-safe bowl.

Then, simply add them on medium to high heat for about two minutes. This will take out any of the extra moisture, making them crisp up once more. Be sure to leave them out a few minutes before you devour, letting the air mix with them for extra crispiness.

Throw Them in the Oven

The oven is a godsend when it comes to re-heating or crisping up your favorite foods. Chips are no exception, working very well when reheated in the oven. Pop them on a baking sheet and bake them on high for about two minutes.

This will take out some of the excess oils, making them harder and crispier to bite each and every time. This method is not only simple but also healthy, making it one that you should turn to when your chips are on the brink of extinction.

Stale Chip 101: How to Rescue Stale Chips

Most chips are too good to throw away. They’re great for snacks on their own but also pair well with a number of meals, which is why you shouldn’t just toss them out. Instead, try out these key ways to rescue stale chips, most of which are guaranteed to give you the flavors you love.

1. Make Chilaquiles

If you’ve never had chilaquiles, boy are you in for a surprise! All of the best flavors are all jumbled up into one in a pan and cooked to perfection. You’ll have heat from chiles, the crunchiness of tortilla chips, and even the runniness of an egg. If you’ve got stale chips, do them justice with chilaquiles.

What you’ll need:

  • Your stale tortilla chips;
  • Red chili sauce;
  • Queso fresco;
  • Eggs.

How to execute:

Think of this as lasagna, with layer upon layer of yummy goodness. To whip this up in your kitchen, you’ll need to do a few things. First of all, grab an iron skillet and start layering. Start with your stale chips, then add queso fresco. On top of that, pour a bit of red chili sauce, and then repeat.

Repeat until all chips and sauce are done, covering up and letting it all cook together. Before it’s ready, crack an egg or two on top and let them cook right before serving. We promise this one will become an instant winner, even if you’ve got the pickiest of all families.

2. Garnish your Soup or Salad

While stale chips might not be the best to scoop up avocado or chili, they are often good for other things, like soups and salads. They will still add a bit of crispiness, playing up any soup or salad you have on the menu.

How to execute:

If you have a soup on the menu, all you’ll have to do is pout it into a bowl and sprinkle your stale chips on top. This pairs well with tortilla soups and tomato soups that are made with a bit of heat. You can even add some flair to your next salad, giving a little something extra to all the veggies packed in.

When it comes to salads, think about taco salads with key ingredients like cheese, taco meat, lettuce, and tomatoes, adding that extra flair with a bit of crispiness.

3. Scramble them Up

There is a lovely dish that’s typical in Mexico that combines eggs, tortilla chips, and chorizo. Named “Migas,” this dish is a typical breakfast, pairing perfectly with a steamy cup of coffee. Use your stale chips for this for a breakfast that you’re sure to add to your morning routine.

How to execute:

For this lovely dish that’s perfect to start off the day, all you’ll have to do is have some stale chips, eggs, and maybe some chorizo. Start by adding the stale chips to a pan with just a touch of oil, stirring them around a bit.

Then, crack a few beaten eggs on top, stirring around until eggs are cooked and fluffy. Add a pinch of salt and serve with a bit of green salsa, giving your stale chips the final days they deserve. You can make a good green salsa with any heat you desire, so be sure to adjust it to your taste.

Final Thoughts

Most of the time, it’s easy to devour a bag of chips. But sometimes, they get left in the cabinet too long, collecting moisture that turns them stale. Instead of tossing them out, you should take steps to bring them back to life and give them the ending they deserve.

Whether it’s heating them back up or adding them to a dish, there are more than a few ways to bring stale chips back to life, some of which are super savory. Try them out and discover a new set of meals that you and your family will love to add to their favorites.