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149 Additions and Toppings for a Delicious Salad

Wondering what to put in your salad? We have it all for you! We rounded up 149 ideas for additions and toppings for your inspiration.

Check out our list of leafy greens, vegetables, fruits, grains, pastas, legumes, meats, cheeses, nuts, oils, vinegars, dressings, and herbs for the most delicious salad.

  1. Romaine lettuce
  2. Boston lettuce
  3. Bibb lettuce
  4. Leaf lettuce
  5. Iceberg lettuce
  6. Fresh spinach
  7. Baby spinach
  8. Radicchio
  9. Rocket
  10. Kale
  11. Beet greens
  12. Collard greens
  13. Mustard greens
  14. Tatsoi
  15. Belgian endive
  16. Curled endive (frisée)
  17. Watercress
  18. Little gem lettuce
  19. Heirloom tomatoes
  20. Cherry, cocktail, and grape tomatoes
  21. Cucumbers
  22. Pickles
  23. Grilled zucchini
  24. Bell peppers
  25. Longhorn peppers
  26. Chili peppers
  27. Pickled jalapeños
  28. Leeks
  29. Green onions
  30. Red, yellow, and white onions
  31. Pickled red onions
  32. Shallots
  33. Roasted garlic
  34. Green, black, Sicilian, Spanish, Kalamata, and dry Greek olives
  35. Roasted carrots
  36. Baby carrots
  37. Sautéed asparagus
  38. Canned or roasted artichoke hearts
  39. Cooked eggplant
  40. Broccoli
  41. Radishes
  42. Mushrooms
  43. Beets
  44. Avocado
  45. Sweet corn
  46. Green peas
  47. Sweet potatoes and yams
  48. Squash
  49. Canned chickpeas
  50. Canned navy, kidney, black, and fava beans
  51. Canned lentils
  52. Italian pasta
  53. Greek kritharaki
  54. Rice
  55. Quinoa
  56. Croutons
  57. Tortilla chips
  58. Pita bread
  59. Lavash bread
  60. Noodles
  61. Smoked tofu
  62. Tempeh
  63. Seitan
  64. Boiled eggs
  65. Chicken
  66. Turkey
  67. Steak
  68. Ham
  69. Bacon
  70. Prosciutto
  71. Salami, pepperoni, and chorizo
  72. Grilled salmon
  73. Lax, smoked salmon
  74. Herring fillets
  75. Anchovy fillets
  76. Crab cakes
  77. Scallops
  78. Canned tuna
  79. Shrimp
  80. Parmesan, Grana Padano, Pecorino Romano, and Fontina cheese
  81. Fresh or dried mozzarella cheese
  82. Gorgonzola cheese
  83. Cheddar cheese
  84. Stilton cheese
  85. Brie, Camembert, and Reblochon cheese
  86. Bleu d’Auvergne, Roquefort cheese
  87. Cottage cheese
  88. Queso Blanco
  89. Manchego cheese
  90. Feta cheese
  91. Kashkaval cheese
  92. Apples
  93. Peaches
  94. Nectarines
  95. Pears
  96. Strawberries
  97. Blueberries
  98. Blackberries
  99. Green and black grapes
  100. Oranges
  101. Grapefruits
  102. Lemons and limes
  103. Kumquats
  104. Pomegranates
  105. Pineapple
  106. Figs
  107. Melon and watermelon
  108. Dates
  109. Raisins
  110. Dried cranberries
  111. Dried goji berries
  112. Prunes
  113. Dried apricots
  114. Almonds
  115. Brazil nuts
  116. Cashew nuts
  117. Hazelnuts
  118. Macadamia nuts
  119. Peanuts
  120. Pecans
  121. Peeled pistachio nuts
  122. Pine nuts
  123. Walnuts
  124. Avocado oil
  125. Extra virgin olive oil
  126. Walnut oil
  127. Apple cider, red wine, white wine, and balsamic vinegar
  128. Creamy dressing
  129. Caesar salad dressing
  130. Greek yogurt dressing
  131. Honey mustard dressing
  132. Ranch dressing
  133. Raspberry balsamic dressing
  134. Tahini
  135. Thai peanut dressing
  136. Salsa
  137. Guacamole
  138. Kimchi
  139. Pureed vegetables
  140. Pureed fruits
  141. Flaky sea salt, Himalayan salt, and smoked salt
  142. Freshly cracked black pepper, pink pepper, and mixed pepper
  143. Lemon zest
  144. Basil leaves
  145. Parsley leaves
  146. Torn dill
  147. Fresh mint
  148. Snipped chives
  149. Cilantro

Just mix and match some of these ingredients and you’ll make a salad that’s so good, that you won’t need to add anything.

How to Build the Perfect Salad

A good salad consists of several components: Leafy greens, fruits and vegetables, carbs, and proteins. To make the salad more hearty, aromatic, and flavorful, it is dressed with oils and acids and seasoned with salt, spices, and fresh herbs.

To make your salad delicious, add variety to it. Add more than one type of leafy green. Use heirloom and cherry tomatoes. Get your hands on as many in-season fruits and vegetables as you can afford. When choosing ingredients for your salad, try to have all the colors of the rainbow represented.

Variety is also important when it comes to the texture and taste of your salad. The crunchiness of the croutons makes it more interesting. The creaminess of the cheese makes it more decadent. The zest of the lemon and the flavor of dill and pickled jalapeños make it funkier.

Finally, the dressing. Oil and vinegar ameliorate the salad by helping to meld the aromas and flavors of all the ingredients together. The salt brings these aromas and flavors out, and the pepper adds a pleasant pungency to excite the palate.

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