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What Foods Don’t Go Well With Bacon?

Discover why bacon, the delicious food that people want to pair with anything, can’t be paired with everything.

Who doesn’t love bacon, the king of all cured meats? With its crispy, chewy texture and delicious, salty flavor, it’s a hit with every carnivore.

People tend to pair bacon with crazy foods, like peanut butter, and yet somehow it tastes good. Which makes you wonder: is there anything that doesn’t go well with bacon?

Though it comes down to preference, there are foods that don’t go well with bacon. Citrus, jello, and cereal, for example, are just some of the foods that won’t taste great with bacon on them, as the flavors and textures will clash. That said, you’re the judge if you’re into strange combinations!

Let’s get into all of the different foods that don’t go well with bacon. Because, although some of you probably can’t believe it, there are some pretty bad combinations out there.

Foods That Don’t Go Well With Bacon

Citrus Fruits

Generally, citrus fruits don’t go well with savory dishes. Yes, some people do love a good savory-sweet dish with oranges, lemons, or limes, but adding bacon into the mix just doesn’t sound super enjoyable.

Think about putting lemon juice onto your bacon… You would be greeted with a bitter, sour, salty surprise. And most people probably wouldn’t be too excited about this mix of flavors on their tongue.


Imagine that you are eating some nice, sugary cereal, and then someone gives you some bacon pieces to throw on top. Will you take them up on this offer?

I don’t know about you, but the thought of crispy little bacon pieces floating around in my milk and softened oats doesn’t really sound too appetizing—not to mention the texture contrast once the cereal gets soggy.

Cottage Cheese

Cheese and bacon is the go-to combination for any sandwich, especially in the United States. But this is usually reserved for certain types of cheese, such as Cheddar or Swiss cheese.

Cottage cheese is chunky and bland, and won’t really add anything to your bacon. If you already like cottage cheese, it may not be the worst thing to pair with bacon, but it definitely isn’t the best either. If you try this combination, chances are that you won’t be coming back for seconds.


Gelatinous, slimy jello paired with crunchy, salty bacon is a recipe for disaster. Any fruit and bacon combo is already bad enough, but when the textures are clashing too, it’s even worse.

Whether you keep your bacon on the side or sprinkle it into the jello, chances are that this combination won’t end well.


Though bacon can work well with ice cream, it doesn’t really work with sorbet. Ice cream is more creamy and has flavors that will agree with bacon such as caramel and vanilla.

When it comes to sorbet, it’s going to be fruit-flavored and have a thick, smoothie-like consistency. Bacon won’t pair well with either of these things, so it’s best to skip this combination if you ever have the opportunity.

Chia Pudding

Chia pudding is a popular breakfast food that many people make. It can be sweet and flavorful, and the chia seeds give it a crunchy, almost slimy consistency. 

Though bacon is also a breakfast food, you should probably save it for a different morning. Pairing the two would probably make for a disaster in your mouth, and this combination would leave pretty much anyone feeling unsettled.


Ginger has a strong flavor that pairs well with a lot of different foods, but one thing is for sure: bacon isn’t one of them. 

Imagine the clash of eating these two foods together: Ginger has a super-strong, slightly spicy flavor, whereas bacon is smokey and salty. I don’t know about you, but these just don’t sound good to me.


Bacon salmon, anybody?

Something about the flaky, tender texture of fish and the crunchy, fatty texture of bacon going together is just particularly unsettling.

Fish is a delicious meat that is good all on its own, and it really doesn’t need any other meat trying to steal the show. Adding bacon wouldn’t be a very genius move, and it would only take away from the deliciousness that the fish has to offer.


Okay, so vodka isn’t technically a “food”, although some add it to tomato sauce.

But you have to admit that the thought of bacon-infused vodka is pretty foul. You might be surprised to find out that this does actually exist, and some people do enjoy it.

However, for most, it is just a strong, smokey alcohol flavor that seems wrong to be putting on your tastebuds.

Apple Pie

We know now that bacon and fruit just don’t go together, so it makes sense that apple pie wouldn’t be a good fit either. 

Though a sweet and savory combo isn’t always a bad thing, in the case of bacon and apple pie, it most definitely is. In my opinion, these two foods together will result in a flavor that’s almost reminiscent of vomit… so I would really recommend you stay away from this one.

How Do You Find Foods That Do Pair With Bacon?

Finding foods that pair well with each other is all about research and experimentation.

Furthermore, what one person really enjoys, another person might hate. This is why it’s so important for you to actually try a combination before deciding if you really like it or not.

That being said, you can always think of the classic foods that are commonly paired with bacon. For example, you can never go wrong with bacon and eggs. Other common bacon pairings are potatoes, BLT sandwiches, and adding bacon to your pizza.

Bacon is used in so many dishes, it’s honestly harder to find things that it can’t pair with as opposed to things it goes good with. If you are looking to try something a little crazy, just look for bacon recipes online and you are bound to find a ton of pairings that are surprisingly good.

Final Thoughts

Though bacon is such delicious food, it doesn’t necessarily go with everything. There are a ton of super strange bacon combinations out there that are surprisingly good, and it’s all about which ones you are willing to try.

But if you are ever offered anything off this list, maybe think twice before trying it.

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