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Where to Find Seaweed Wraps in Grocery Stores

Wondering where the seaweed wraps in the grocery store are? We’ve written this guide to help you out.

Making sushi or a poke bowl at home can be a fun and delicious culinary adventure.

But one key ingredient you’ll need is seaweed wraps, also known as nori. But where do you find them in the supermarket?

Nori is a type of edible seaweed that is dried and pressed into thin sheets. It’s used in many East Asian cuisines, most notably for sushi in Japan. Let’s explore your local grocery store together to find these sheets of umami goodness.

Where Are the Seaweed Wraps in the Supermarket?

Now that we’ve covered what nori is—and why it’s important for sushi or poke bowls—let’s take a virtual tour of the supermarket.

We’ll go over the three main areas where you are likely to find seaweed wraps: in the international foods aisle, in the seafood department, and in the health foods section.

In the International Foods Aisle

Our first stop is the international foods aisle.

Here, you’ll find a section dedicated to Asian foods where you’re likely to find nori. They are typically packaged in resealable bags or plastic containers to maintain their crispiness and are often placed near other sushi essentials like sushi rice, wasabi, and pickled ginger.

In the Seafood Department

Let’s also take a stroll to the seafood department.

Some grocery stores might place nori sheets near the fresh seafood section, associating them with sushi-making. Look for them near other sushi ingredients or with condiments and accompaniments like tartar sauce, cocktail sauce, or crab boil spices.

In the Health Foods Section

Another place you might find nori is in the health food section.

Given its rich nutrient content—including iodine, iron, and vitamins A and C—some supermarkets place nori among other health foods. You might find them near other sea vegetables, nutritional yeast, or superfood powders.

Choosing the Right Seaweed Wraps

Now that you know where to find nori, let’s talk about choosing the right ones for your culinary needs.

Here are a few tips:

Check the Color and Texture: Good quality nori is dark green to black, thin, and has a shiny side. It should also feel crisp to the touch.

Check the Packaging: Ensure the packaging is sealed and unbroken. Since nori can absorb moisture, any compromise in the packaging could affect its freshness and crispiness.

Look at the Ingredients: Most nori will simply list seaweed as the ingredient, but some flavored varieties might have additional items like salt or sesame oil. Choose according to your preference.

Check the Best-by Date: Nori is shelf-stable but does lose its flavor over time. Aim for the package with the furthest best-by date for the freshest taste.


With this guide, you’re now well equipped to find seaweed wraps in your local grocery store.

Whether they’re in the international foods aisle, near the fresh seafood, or in the health food section, you know where to look.

Remember to check the color and texture, ensure the packaging is intact, review the ingredients, and always go for the freshest product.

Happy shopping, and even happier sushi rolling!

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